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With over a quarter century of graduating classes, Wright Christian is proud to claim a rich heritage of alumni. These alumni represent the academy well as doctors, lawyers, missionaries, officers in the military and moms and dads. Many of our alumni continue to remain invested in Wright Christian Academy as faculty members, board members and faithful supporters of this ministry. As well, many alumni continue their support by entrusting us with their children’s education. We hope that all of our alumni will be able to remain connected to our community by joining our alumni email list to receive pertinent alumni information.


“Now that I am a few years away from high school, I am able to see even more clearly that attending WCA was one of the greatest blessings of my life. ‘Academically, WCA prepared me extremely well for a rigorous college education. More importantly, the individuals and the curriculum of WCA taught me how to be a person of God that truly seeks to know the heart of our Savior.’ Many schools have the ability to educate, but what I learned at Wright Christian Academy goes far beyond that. Whether I was worshipping with my friends on a retreat, playing sports, or doing community service with my class, I now see that all of these times were building blocks of a firm spiritual foundation that has served me immeasurably well in the world.”

Jessie Kuykendall – Class of 2006
National Merit Scholar
Thomas Pickering Graduate Fellow

“As I reflect on the influence Wright Christian Academy had on me, I am confident that the environment of mentorship fostered by the faculty and staff molded me into the man I am today. The challenges I faced both in and out of the classroom prepared me for the rigors of college and beyond. But, most importantly, the one-on-one interactions I had with my teachers and coaches outside of school taught me necessary life lessons and helped lay a strong spiritual foundation that prepared me to be a husband, father, and leader.”

Tim Bragg – Class of 2000
FBI Special Agent

My instructors at Wright Christian Academy had a remarkable impact on my subsequent life and career. I was well equipped academically for the rigors of a post-secondary education, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics. I found my level of learning to equal or excel that of my peers from other educational institutions.

More importantly, however, is the spiritual instruction I received at Wright. The teachers were able to provide a thorough and contemporary education built on the foundational principle of a living, loving and sanctifying God. This prepared me for not only the academic challenges I would face, but the personal, social and ethical challenges, as well.

Erin Lasarsky Carley – Class of 1997
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

“When I look back at the 20 years since graduation, I see windows of opportunity God put in front of me to walk through by faith. I see a God that walked with me, opening my eyes to the possibilities of what could be. And I’m grateful for my Wright Christian experience that helped lay the foundation for this spiritual walk. Friends, teachers, coaches and administrators; God used each, on a daily basis, to begin molding this lump of clay. I will be eternally grateful for those that taught me to read and write, work hard and to serve with joy. I’m grateful for an atmosphere that prepared me not only for college, but for life as well.”

Tim Rush – Class of 1990
Missionary, Guadalajara Mexico